I’m deleting this blog and making another one because of all the fucking drama I get, like seriously, girl bye. I’m deleting this crap on December 19th. 

  Anonymous :    "pft die bitch"

  Anonymous :    "LITAPUNK is REAL though dumbass."

No duh?

  Anonymous :    "I was waiting for you to go on your usual "I hate Ajpunk" rants and spam. Just can't help yourself can you? Go ahead an tag this like you always do. More amo for you to get your constant bitching out."

Of course you go Anonymous.

  Anonymous :    "Go die, non-AJ/Punk shipper"

Don’t tell me what to do.

  Anonymous :    "Everyone hates u"

O- okay

  Anonymous :    "About the manip... BTR with McFly :D"

I’ll try(:

  Anonymous :    "can you make a manip of ariana grande and louis tomlinson? i think theyre perf together, but no one makes manips. thanks, love! xx"

Sure. I’ll tryy(: I’ll post it on my blog. 

Kylie Jenner + Luke Brooks requested by icujai.

Ahhhh. I know, it’s horrible! But the program I use to make manips was acting all slow and stupid. I’m soooooo sorry. 

My ask box isn’t working so if I haven’t responded to one of your messages, it isn’t my fault, my ask isn’t working and I’ll try to respond asap. K. Stay fab.